TC Times Candidate Questions 2017

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Each election the Tri-County Times ( asks candidates a few questions to help their readers get a better idea of who to vote for.  Below are this year’s questions.

Name: David McDermott
Age: 44
Current Occupation: Global Sales Operations Director and City Councilman
Residency in the City of Fenton: 11 years


Question: What do you believe is a council member’s most important responsibilities?

A Councilperson’s most important responsibility is to remember that they represent the residents of Fenton, not just themselves.  Every decision, every dollar spent, every vote – the City Council needs to support what Fenton’s residents value the most – a safe, close-knit, family-friendly community and a fiscally responsible city government.

Question:  Going forward, what is the city’s most critical issue and what will you do, if elected, to help resolve that issue?

Our roads and infrastructure (water, sewer) are in terrible shape and getting worse. The cost is bigger than we can cut from other areas in our city’s budget. I will focus on ensuring we have a realistic and financially responsible plan in place so that we can get our roads and infrastructure fixed.