Genesee County Pet Advocates PAC Questionnaire (2013)

I received this questionnaire from the Genesee County Pet Advocates.  I’m a big fan of my dog Murphy, and I’m glad there’s a group that advocates positive changes for him, and all the other pets in our area.

Name: David McDermott
Office Seeking: City Council, City of Fenton
Occupation: Sales Operations

State University of New York, College at Buffalo
Major: Bachelor of Arts, Business
Minor: Innovation & Problem Solving

Community Involvement:
Festival General Chair, St. John Applefest (Fenton, MI)
Vice President, Fenton Little League
Committee Chairman, Cub Scout Pack 270 (Fenton, MI)
Coach, Upward Basketball
City of Fenton Planning Commission

Past: United Way of Cleveland, Junior Achievement, Cleveland Community Shares, Cleveland International Program,

Campaign Email:

1. Do you own any pets?  Yes.  My family includes a Miniature Schnauzer named Murphy.  He’s a spunky 2-year old that has been part of our family since he was only 4 weeks old.

2. Do you support the reversal of the no-kill policy adopted by the Genesee County Board of Commissioners?  I am not in favor of euthanasia for healthy animals, however, that does not mean I believe you can enact a no-kill policy.  There are several barriers to overcome, including how you will manage an animal population that begins to swell as soon as a no-kill policy is put in place.

3a. Are you in favor of breed restrictions?  No. I don’t think that the breed of a dog is the problem. I think owners need to consider the environment in which the pet will live prior to bringing them into their home.  In my opinion, not all dog breeds have the disposition needed to be in a house with young children, and not all houses with young children are ready for a dog.  This played a significant role in our choice of a schnauzer.

3b. Does your municipality have any such breed restrictions in place? I do not know of any breed specific restrictions in the City of Fenton.

4. Do you support the implementation of low cost prevention methods to reduce the number of animals surrendered at the Genesee County Animal Shelter? Yes. I think low cost prevention methods should be available for owners.  This would help cut down on the number of unwanted pet turned in at shelters.

5. What is your position on registering animal rescue organizations in your municipality? Should the process be voluntary?  Should there be a cost?  Registration is an idea that people like because it adds “verifiability” to the process.  When I bought a new car, I researched the brand and model with Consumer Reports because I trust their validation process.  I think that before establishing registration for rescue organizations, we need to decide on the value that registration process will bring to the organizations and the work they do.  Once a value is determined, the nature (voluntary vs. mandatory) and cost can be decided.

6. What are your views on implementing 24/7 animal tethering restrictions in your area? No animal deserved to be indefinitely tethered.  When bringing an animal into your home, one of the things you should consider is how to safely allow them time to enjoy the outdoors.

7. Should residents in your area be allowed to keep non-traditional pets on their property? Non-traditional pets should certainly be accepted, but as with any type of pet, limits may need to be enacted to prevent negative impact on other residents.